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Wir danken allen Kunden für ihren Besuch beim 8.Griesheimer Gartenbahntreffen am 15.+16.10!         LGB-Kompendium 2.Auflage nur noch wenige lieferbar. Viele gebrauchte Pola Gebäude für Selbstabholer eingetroffen!!!

Stefan Schwegler's company "Gauge G Model Railways" is your faithful partner for all your questions
about gauge G since 1999. For our customers, our longterm experience is the reason why we can
provide the best in competence and comprehensive support.


We offer an extensive range of second-hand trains, buildings and building sets of all common brands
such as LGB, Bachmann, Aristocraft, USA-Trains, BRAWA, Thiel, Kiss, Pola or Massoth.

Next to this we also have factory-new goods of our partners in stock such as Dietz,
Kiss,Massoth, Thiel-Gleis and Train-Line 45.